Monday, February 6, 2023

About Us

The Sudanese Economist is a site that deals with research on issues of political economy in general , and on a special level on issues of the Sudanese political economy at a stage of major global transformations, characterized by‘ at the economic level, the information revolution and the phenomenon of globalization, where information has become one of the most important elements of value-added production, as well as the The world, bypassing, in an unprecedented way, most of the classical definitions of the concepts of the distinction between the developed and the underdeveloped world, where migration to where there are jobs has not become the dominant feature, but where it has become commonplace for capital to migrate to where there is cheap labor. This is what has become known in capitalist countries as “exporting jobs abroad”, “the Outsourcing of Local Job Opportunities”, and this has become one of the pressing social and political issues in large capitalist countries such as the USA.

أما علي نطاق البلدان النامية ، فيشهد عصر التحولات الكبرى هذا، تحولاتٍ راسمالية شائهة تحت شعار التحرير و الانفتاح الاقتصادي، ادى بالنتيجة الي بروز راسمالية تتخذ من جهاز الدولة اهم وسائلها للنمو الطفيلي ، حيث يقتصر نشاطها علي المعاملات المالية غير المشروعة ، و اوجهٍ طفيلية اخرى لا علاقة لها بالعملية الانتاجية اصلاً و لا بالتنمية المستدامة، و تلك قضية، اي التنمية و اقتصادياتها، مهمة يهدف موقعنا بالاساس الي التركيز عليها.

Also, in this era of major transformations, the Sudanese economy is witnessing profound transformations, the most prominent results of which are the total liquidation of public sector institutions, under the slogan of privatization in favor of local, regional and even global parasitic capitalism. Also, one of its most prominent manifestations is not keeping the traditional sector, where the vast majority of the population, out of the spotlight, but contributing to the deterioration and worsening of its situation as a result of bloody conflicts and deadly wars in which the central authority is a key party.

The site works to increase awareness and knowledge of political economy, by publishing serious research and studies in this field. He is not an academic position, strictly speaking, but he adheres to rigor and sobriety as a standard . It is also not a site for political pandemonium either, but it is concerned with spreading awareness based on the objective connection and the interrelationship between cognitive facts and human activity.

This website is an urgent necessity that consists in the relentless pursuit of opening wide horizons for people to obtain knowledge related to economic issues . The limited knowledge of people about these issues was not due to the lack of what was written, composed, and produced, but because that written, composed, and produced remained, to a large extent, out of people's eyes and hands.

In addition to being a human right, people's access to knowledge is necessary to achieve, and this is a noble task that the site will work to make it more accessible than before for the Sudanese reader, and for every reader.

The Sudanese economic website will not be limited to one school of economic thought. And as the truth is not the monopoly of a particular thought or subject to its contexts, the site will work to disseminate serious knowledge, of various stripes, in the field of political economy. Of course, this is a necessity that the site and its administrators emphasize.

The website seeks to deal, in particular, with Sudanese economists, and encourage them to publish their writings and contributions through it. And it will be a forum for them to exchange opinions, ideas and knowledge, on the basis of respect for the other's opinion, and that is a high human trait that humanity strives, diligently, for humility.

The Sudanese economic website represents a required addition to the set of other Sudanese websites in general, especially those with an enlightenment orientation in various fields of knowledge, which will seek to deal with in order to advance together, and in order to increase the pace of knowledge contribution, in general, as well as to upgrade joint tasks in raising awareness among the sons and daughters of the Sudanese people, and In particular.

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that this site is an independent site that does not receive help from anyone, but is based on self-financing, and that its management policy depends on the opinions and suggestions of its consultants, readers and contributors with their writings.

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